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Slide Binder-12mm (100 Pcs Per Pack)


Our slide binders are one of the easiest and economical forms of binding loose sheets of paper without the need for a binding machine. Whether its for creating reports, organising files or making presentations, the durable binder strips can quickly create high quality documents for a range of purposes.

The 12mm slide binder is designed for larger documents with a capacity of up to 100 sheets of paper and the flat back design creates a sleek look. Just slide the paper into the binder for a professional looking document.

Size: A4 length – 12mm

Style: Flat Back

Capacity: Up to 100 sheets

Quantity: 100 per pack

Slide Binder-10mm (100 Pcs Per Pack)

  • A4 10mm size
  • Assemble your reports without punching holes
  • Contoured end ensures easy paper insertion
  • Up to 90 sheet capacity
  • Black,blue,white
  • Pack 100

Comb Binding Machine A3/A4-Buyor


Binding and Punching Machine with 21 Hole Comb by BUYOR, it is the quality Binding Machine presented by BNC Office Supply. It delivers the best performance, quality, and price.


  • The plastic comb and binder strip are durable and strong
  • Binding Machine 21 Hole Comb model 2188 by BUYOR has a binding capacity of 250 Sheets and 12 sheets for punching.
  • This machine is so light weighted and it only comes at 4.8kg.


BINDING COMB-20MM (100 pcs per pack)


Our plastic combs can hold up to 150 sheets of standard 20# copy paper when bound. 120-180 SHEETS

BINDING COMB-16MM (100 pcs per pack)


Binding combs for professional-looking bound documents
• Ideal for presentations, projects and sales pitches
• Suitable for any 21-ring comb binding machine
• Use with A4 plastic covers
• No need for bulky binders
• Colour: Blue
• Capacity: 16mm (101-120 80gsm pages)
• Length: 30cm
• Pack of 100 comb binders

BINDING COMB-14MM (100 pcs per pack)


Our plastic combs can hold up to 105 sheets of standard 20# copy paper when bound. That equals a maximum binding capacity of 1/2 inch of thickness, perfect for most office projects.  100 pieces per box.

BINDING COMB-12MM (100 pcs per pack)


Color: Black;Size: 1/2;Approximate Capacity: 85 Sheets;Length: 11 (19 Rings);

BINDING COMB-10MM (100 pcs per pack)


Binding Comb 10 mm – 21 Ring

  • Color – Black
  • 100pcs Per Box
  • Capacity :60 sheets

BINDING COMBS-8MM (100 pcs per pack)


Suitable for all comb binding machines. Binding capacity for 8mm comb is from 16 to 40 sheets of 80gsm paper. Good quality. More rigidity.

100 Combs.


BINDING COMBS-6MM (100 pcs per pack)

  1. Black
  2. Size: 6mm
  3. Packed 100

Product Specification

  1. Paper Size: A4
  2. Comb Size: 6.0
  3. Material: Plastic
  4. Sheet Capacity (80gsm): 25 SHEETS