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Original whiteboard marker mon ami 12PCS in a packet

Fenlot CD Permanent Marker


Double oil-CD marker pen, model 6022#, which can be written in wood, leather, paper, plastics, ceramics, glass, mark CD-DVD CD. Permanent fade, after writing tightly CAP to prevent ink evaporation, there are 12 boxes, 1920 box, 3 PCs blister card, 1080 boxes, colors are black, blue, red, green.

Bic Permanent Marker 4 in 1

  • These markers have quick drying ink, meaning less time waiting, and they are sold as a pack of 4
  • Acrylic resistant chisel tip allows you to write smoothly from fine lines to large strokes
  • Long-lasting markers that won’t dry out even if left uncapped for a month
  • Write where you need, at home or the office, on most surfaces: paper, cardboard, plastic, metal or wood
  • Available in black, blue, red and green colours to easily colour-code your work or projects