From Idea to Team Building

We have built our business on the models of hard work and excellence, making bold decisions whiles taking on new challenges. From a small idea of starting a business that meets the need of our customers to maintaining established relationships, we have seen tremendous growth in our business over the years moving from a single home-grown unit to a flagship store. Today we boast of two branches and our all new website.

Our success as a business is because of the commitment, dedication and passion of the team working behind the scenes to bring the best to our customers.

Growing Everyday

As we constantly look out for new ways to serve our customers that will keep them coming back, from offering better quality products, fair prices, to finding more convenient ways of shopping whether in-store or online, we are always on the move, evolving and growing. And with growth comes more responsibilities which required more hands, more brilliant minds and more dazzling personalities to deliver our very best.

Join Us

We believe in diversity and offer opportunities to individuals from different backgrounds to have the pleasure of experiencing our brand and working with us. Whether you are coming in at entry level or as an intern, you will have the opportunity of working in an inclusive environment that values team work, individual contributions and ideas to create the best customer experience for both external and internal customers.

Embodied in our vision is to be a trusted business and a preferred brand to be attached. And we have made available exclusive, comprehensive and competitive compensation packages, with all the necessary resources required to attract the best talents.

We value the integral team that makes it all happen. Join us today. Harness your skills with us and be the best you can.


Except for pensions, all other benefits are non-contractual and vary based on employment contract.

What we look for

Team Player – These people are able work perfectly with individuals from different backgrounds and can build internal relationships with colleagues and external relationships with both customers and first-time visitors.


Smart Brains – We look out for people who have a smart approach to solving problems and making life easy for customers and colleagues. They are able to come up with simple solutions to complex situations that will solve short term challenges and build a foundation for growth in the long term.


Leaders – Proactive initiative takers, who are self-motivated and inspire others. They spot opportunities and take advantage of the them, showing a sense of responsibility and high-level reasoning. They are not afraid of change. They embrace change as they are futuristic thinkers.

Game Raiser – These people take responsibility for their personal development, constantly looking for ways to be better than they were yesterday, always with fresh ideas and are quick to act on feedback whether personal or business related.


Can-Do – Results! Results! Results! We look for the result-oriented people who deliver. Team players who set targets for themselves, meet and exceed their set targets.

Work life Culture

We have created a relaxed, friendly and family oriented environment for ourselves to enable each individual member to grow and develop their skills. We support our team, investing in the requisite training, development resources and initiatives they need to fully equip them and match up to our promises.

Product Quality, Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction. That’s our pride.

It’s a collaborative team effort working here, from the store front to the backend. Each team member is trusted to be responsible, take initiatives and make those though decisions on their own. Each day presents a challenge and an opportunity to improve on the strengths and weakness individually and as a team. You are sure to learn something new every day from colleagues to help you deliver your best. It’s a busy and fast-paced environment here but we also make time to unwind, let our hair loose and enjoy each other’s presence from birthdays, corporate outings, group retreat, big wins or a simple happy hour. We are family and we’ll cheer you on to higher success level.