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Acer Projector X1181+3600 Lumens


Acer x118 3600 Lumens

Model Name: X118

Acer Essential series projectors are best value projectors ideal for everyday use, at work or home. As a result make your presentations more compelling and entertainment more exciting with high brightness, high contrast and DLP® 3D Ready. Consequently adhering to your bottom line.

  • Incorporated with advanced Acer technologies,  because it maintains colour integrity and picture clarity.
  • Immersive 3D visuals of this 3D ready projector are simply outstanding. Incorporated with advanced Acer technologies, it maintains colour integrity and picture clarity.
  • Acer EcoProjection technology greatly increases lamp lifetime and decreases power use by as much as 90%.



For business or pleasure, this high-quality and easy-to-use SVGA, 3,300-lumen projector works equally well at home or in the office